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Knowing more about your home AC compressor

AC Compressor Reef Air Condidtioning

Knowing more about your home AC compressor

Reef Air conditioning is a company that is run by professionals. It is always highly recommended that you hire knowledgeable and experienced HVAC professionals to work on them. Besides that, it is important that you know how your AC at home or in the office works.

Within your air conditioning system, the AC compressor is the most significant element of the machine. If you take out time to understand the way the compressor behaves under various conditions, you will be more proactive in caring for the air conditioning system.

The meaning of the AC compressor

The air conditioning unit comes with a part known as the AC compressor. This is an essential component of the machine that is usually found outside inside the outdoor unit. The compressor is where the cold air used for cooling buildings are produced. The compressor makes the refrigerant circulate as they move via the coils. The refrigerant turns this into high-pressure gas. Soon as the refrigerant approaches the condenser, it emits heat which transforms it into liquid. This liquid has then moved towards the evaporator and it absorbs heat that is used to cool it down. It is then turned back as gas all over again.

This is then sent back to the compressor of the system. The entire process is a cycle that is repeated constantly.

AC compressors and their common problems

When it comes to your AC compressors, there are some problems you need to know. They are:

An improper flow of air around the outdoor unit: Leaves, mulch, shrubs, trees, fencing, and limbs can limit the flow.of air when it gets too close. The effect is usually damage, reduced efficiency, and shortened life span. Make sure that you cut off shrubs and take off anything that may be nearby.

Dirty AC condenser fans: Bugs and dirt can easily build upon the fans. This will affect its performance and destroy the AC compressor. This can be prevented if you wash your fans.

Dirty AC coils: If you have dirty coils, they can stop your AC from Cooling your office or home. It can also increase your electric bills, and it can also cause total system breakdowns. To prevent this, you need to schedule regular maintenance.

Refrigerant leaks: You could leak into your AC compressor. This can make the refrigerant leak out. With this occurrence, your system is forced to work very hard. This way, it forces freon through. This ends up damaging the compressor. If you have a low refrigerant, there are several things that you will notice:

  • The AC works for a long time without cooling the house,
  • You electric bills increase,
  • You have frost or ice on the coils of the refrigerant, and
  • Bubbling or hissing sounds coming out of the refrigerant lines.

Excess refrigerant: If you have an inexperienced technician work on your AC, he may inadvertently add excess refrigerant. All AC manufacturers indicate the right amount of refrigerant that is needed by the system and this is a requirement that matches the level.

With this, your system can have increased pressure which can trigger the compressor to fail prematurely. The best way to go about this is to ensure that you get knowledgeable technicians to work on the AC.

Different signs that indicate that you need to repair your compressor

Do you need to repair your AC, and do not know when to do that. These signs will guide you on how to get a good repairer for your AC:

  • You have a shaky compressor with ticking sounds.
  • There is repeated tripping in the circuit breaker.
  • Reduced flow of air.
  • Warm air flowing in from the vents.
  • The AC unit has moisture leaks.
  • You get cool air from the outdoor unit as soon as you turn up the AC during hot weather.
  • Ridiculously high electric bills even in the summer.

The AC compressor works as an essential part of our AC systems. In addition, it can be expensive to get a replacement. If you need to set an appointment with a professional repairer for maintenance, have any problems, or have an AC that no longer works, you can get in touch with us now! Our professional technicians cater to the needs of the people of Brisbane and Sunshine Coast. We are ready to happily give you the professional HVAC repair you need

Need help with your AC cooling systems? Contact Reef air conditioning by giving us a call now at 0431 159 504.

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