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Air Con Sunshine Coast Beat The Heat

Air Conditioning Sunshine Coast REEF aIR

How to help your Air Conditioner work best on roasting hot days?

Scott Brophy, a air Con Sunshine Coast expert, answers some common questions on how to optimise your air Conditioning when the temperature starts soaring.

How do I get the best efficiency running my air con during a heatwave?
When choosing your air conditioning system, choose one with an in-built timer. It can switch your system on earlier than people waking up or getting to the office. The system is then operating on a low setting before the temperature outdoors begins rising. This allows for a minimum of energy consumption while providing an optimal cooling level from your air Con Sunshine Coast.

What should I set the temperature to?

As the temperatures soar, we are tempted to set our air conditioners at a cooler temperature. Setting a lower temperature wont automatically cool a room any faster. It can put unnecessary pressure on your unit as it will work a lot harder to reach the required temperature.

To produce a comfy environment whilst minimising your energy consumption, Reef Air Con Sunshine Coast recommends setting your temperature to no less than 23°C.

Is there anything else I can do?

Keeping windows and doors closed will help keep cool air within the area in use. Closing any blinds can minimise how much direct sunlight is beaming through your windows which will also aid with keeping the area cooler.

Air Conditioning Sunshine Coast REEF AIR conditioning

Making sure your room is well sealed will also help. Fill any cracks or small gaps around your windows with a sealant, and eliminate under door drafts with draft stoppers or weather strips. Resist the use of appliances that generate heat, for example dryers or an oven.

There’s an expected heatwave – how do I prepare my air Con Sunshine Coast?

An air conditioner with a poor maintenance record will work much harder to cool your area. This will increase your energy consumption and will add to your power bill. Before the summer hits, talk to Reef Air Con Sunshine Coast about a full service of your air conditioning unit. This ensures that your unit will perform at its best, especially in the scorching heat.

If your unit is in daily use, help it to perform its best by removing any dust from filters using a vacuum cleaner or washing in warm water with a mild detergent each month. You can vacuum any louvers, and using a damp cloth, dust along any indoor-unit grilles. Refer to your systems operating manual for how to gain access, disconnect and clean any filters your particular unit may have.

Do not limit airflow to your outdoor unit.  Keep it clear of debris or obstructions. Depending on its use, having your air Con Sunshine Coast fully serviced by Reef Air Conditioning every 1 to 2 years will ensure your system is working at its best when you need it.

Does switching on fans help?

Yes. Turning indoor fans on while running your air conditioning can help with circulation of cool air. This helps reach the room temperature you require quicker and also reduces the energy your air conditioner uses.

Moving ahead.  How else can I optimise my air Con Sunshine Coast?

Insulate your home or building. A well-insulated structure holds cool air in and keeps any heat out, allowing your air-conditioning to operate more efficiently.

External shading can boost your optimisation. Create maximum shade in any outdoor spaces by using awnings or well-placed tree foliage. Having your structure well-shaded reduces how much sunlight directly hits your building. This helps maintain even temperatures indoors which assists your air conditioning unit to reach the temperature desired faster and also puts less pressure on your system.

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