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Is now the best time to have that air conditioner installed?

Get that air conditioner installed Reef Air

Is now the best time to have that air conditioner installed?

Since the coronavirus pandemic broke out, Australians have had to spend more time in their homes. With many of us working remotely from our places of residence, our apartments and homes are now working more than they used to.

When you spend virtually all of your time in your house, you might want to increase the kind of comfort you are getting from that home. Temperature and air quality are factors that can boost the level of comfort in your home or make it worse. And if you have been trying to manage your stuffy home, this will be a perfect time to get your Air Conditioner Installed.

How does air conditioning keep us happy and healthy?

The basic objective for having an air conditioning system is for regulating the temperature and air quality within your home. Striking the appropriate balance in our respiratory health cannot be overemphasized. Inhaling air from an atmosphere that is too dry or too cold is not good for anyone as it can bring about sleeping issues and instigate worsening asthmatic conditions. Studying or working in an environment that is too cold or hot is not going to help you as well.

What sort of help can you get from an air conditioning unit? In addition to consistently regulating your humidity and temperature levels, the appropriate unit can enhance the air quality we breathe. The split units remain the only set of air conditioners that have gained the approval of National Asthma Council’s Sensitive Choice because they are designed with smart air purifying abilities.

A perfect air conditioning system is capable of making us feel refreshed in a variety of ways.


Get that air conditioner installed Reef Air


What is the installation process like?

The first thing you need to do is getting in touch with any reliable technician that specializes in air conditioner installation. Invite them over to examine your space and also tell them what you want. Technicians have a great amount of knowledge regarding how systems such work around specific spaces. They will equally advise you with the type of unit you should buy and where to position the unit. Reef Air normally considers a host of factors like ventilation around the home, where windows are located, as well as how to make sure air flows efficiently.

Once you have made up your mind on what unit to buy and where to install it, Reef Air will come back for the installation itself. All installations are not the same – there are factors that determine how an installation would go. Those factors include the type of unit, what your house is constructed with, and how easy it can be accessed. It is simpler to set up a split unit compared to ducted and multi-split systems, though Reef Air will easily hand you an estimate the moment they are done with their inspection.



Is it still safe to have technicians in your home?

The health consequences of Coronavirus are quite serious. Although the Australian government directives is being updated every week, tradespeople often get access to commercial and residential environments due to the essential nature of what they do. Having said that, you have to follow the most recent government directives and consult Reef Air to find out the impact of an impending installation.

How do I prepare

You can get started by discussing in-depth with Reef Air to get an orientation of what will be involved in the work, and the duration it will require. Try as much as possible to communicate through the phone, so they do not end up coming to your house all the time.

On the day of installation, prepare a pathway they will use, and try to avoid them as much as possible. You need to prepare the space where Reef Air will be doing their thing, like moving of furniture around, and other activities. The more work the installer need to undertake, the more time the installation will require.

If you don’t mind, placing a hand sanitizer just outside your front doorpost and inside the house will be great. As Reef Air, we adopt good hygiene measures in the course of our installation. But we still bid our clients to carry out a thorough disinfection of theirs when we are through with the installation. Remember to disinfect your remote control!

If there is anything you would love to know about your unit, Reef Air will be glad to help out. They can tell you everything you wish to know via the phone.

Staying inside an apartment? Check with your strata regarding any requirements that are necessary for visitors, as well as informing your neighbours about the installation. It is a way of demonstrating courtesy to your neighbours and making them avoid the Reef Air experts while they are doing their job.

Itching to get your Air Conditioner Installed? Contact Reef Air today to get started.

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