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Air Conditioner Maintenance and Service

air conditioner maintenance

Air Conditioner Maintenance and Service

Regular air conditioner maintenance is required for an air conditioner (AC) to operate efficiently and effectively, producing an improved air quality; and is always recommended by us at Reef Air Conditioning. Forgetting to carry out necessary maintenance on the AC’s filters, fins, and coils can cause a gradual decline in the performance of the air conditioner while energy consumption increases gradually.

What Maintenance Does An Air Conditioner Need?

From our years of experience in air conditioner maintenance and repairs at Reef Air Conditioning, below are maintenances required by your AC:

Maintenance of AC Filters

Regularly replacing or cleaning the filters of your air conditioner is the major air conditioner maintenance task required for your AC to function efficiently and provide your home with good and cool air quality. A dirty and clogged air filter obstructs and reduces the amount and quality of airflow. This significantly affects the effectiveness of the AC.

Also, the obstruction of airflow causes air diversion around the air filter and dirt deposited into an evaporator coil in the AC. This blocks the coil’s capacity to absorb heat. Replacing a clogged and dirty filter with clean air filter, minimizes the energy consumption of your AC by 5 percent to 15 percent.

For central ACs, the air filters are usually located around the length of the return duct. Usually, air filters of centra ACs are located in ceilings, walls, or inside the central AC. The filters of your room ACs are mounted on the grill facing the room.

Some air filters can be reused; while others should be replaced. Air filters are comes in various types with different efficiencies. At Reef Air conditioning, we recommend you replace or clean your AC filters monthly or bi-monthly during the cool season. AC filters may require more regular maintenance if your AC is constantly in use, operating under dusty conditions, or if there fur-beating pets residing in your home.

Maintenance of AC Coils

The evaporator and condenser coils of your AC collect dirt and dust as they cool your home. A clean air filter prevents your the evaporator coil from getting damaged easily. However, the dust and dirt are collected over time minimizes airflow and covers the cool. This reduces its capacity to absorb the heat from the environment.

At Reef Air Conditioning, we ensure our clients check their ACs evaporator’s cool yearly and get them cleaned when necessary. The condenser coils outdoor can become dirty also in a dusty environment. The dirt on a condenser coil can be easily seen and noticed on the fins of the condenser.

Ensure dirt and dust are minimized around the condenser coil or unit. Dryer vents, lawn mower, and falling leaves are sources of debris and dirt. We recommend you clean the area surrounding the coil and remove any dirt and debris and trim foliage to allow for proper and quality airflow round the condenser-at least two feet behind.

Maintenance of the Coil Fins

The condenser and evaporator coils have aluminum fins that bend easily and can obstruct the flow of air through the coils. For the air conditioner maintenance of your AC cool fins, purchase a tool known as “Fin Comb” from AC Wholesalers or Retailers that can used to comb the fins almost into its factory shape.

Maintenance of the Condensate Drains

Pass a rigid wire through and over the AC’s drain channel. Drain channels that are blocked prevents your AC from minimizing dampness, and this might make the excess moisture to discolor your carpets or walls

Maintenance of the Window Seals of your  Room ACs

Ensure you inspect the seal within the AC and window frame at the beginning of each cold season to make proper contact around the metal case. Water or moisture can easily damage the seal, thereby allowing cold air to leave or escape the room.

Preparing for the winter season

During winter, we recommend you cover your AC or remove the AC and keep it safe. This helps to protect it from dust, debris and the winter weather.

Hiring an expert in Air Conditioner Maintenance

When your AC doesn’t cool your home properly as expected, it is recommended you contact a professional in AC maintenance and repairs like Reef Air conditioning. Are you in Sunshine Coast region Australia, contact us now for your air conditioner maintenance.

Our AC maintenance services includes:

  • Checking for the right amount of refrigerant
  • Testing for leakage of refrigerant with the help of a leak detector
  • Capturing any refrigerant which must have been evacuated from your AC, instead of releasing the refrigerant to the surrounding atmosphere.
  • Checking for and sealing any duct leakage in your AC.
  • Measuring airflow via evaporator coil.
  • Verifying the correctness of the electronic control sequence while ensuring the heating and cooling system doesn’t operate simultaneously.
  • Inspecting the electrical terminals, tighten and clean connections, and apply non-conductive coating where necessary.
  • Piling the motors and checking the belts for wear and tightness.
  • Checking the correctness of the AC thermostat.

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