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Is now the right time to install that air conditioner?

Air Conditioner from Reef Air

Is now the right time to install that air conditioner?

Australians have been spending more time indoors due to the coronavirus pandemic. With the new work-from-home culture, most homes have now become busier than they have ever been. So when you find yourself in this position, you want to do everything to ensure you are comfortable. Air quality and temperature are two key factors that can influence that comfort. And if you’ve been trying to manage your stuffy home, this might be the perfect opportunity to install that air conditioner.

How do air conditioners keep us healthy and happy?

An air conditioner is designed to improve your home’s air temperature and quality. We need to inhale the right air balance – it doesn’t have to be too dry or too wet. That’s because you would find it difficult to sleep or study when you are exposed to poor quality air.

What help can you get from an air conditioner? They make us healthier by enhancing the air quality we inhale. Daikin split systems come with advanced purifying technology features. You can save yourself all the hassle by buying that one. Good air quality can have an overall positive impact on our health.

What is involved in the installation?

First, you need to get in touch with an experienced air conditioner technician like Scott Brophy from Reef Air Conditioning. Normally, they will go over to the location to evaluate the anticipated space and the owner’s needs. They can also help you with recommendations on what unit will be best for the said space. Technicians normally look into various factors like the current ventilation pattern, window location, and how to ensure the air is efficient.

The moment you decide on the location and choice of unit, the air conditioner expert will come back to execute the proper installation. All installations are not the same. The time required depends on various factors, including the system type, your building material, and accessibility. It is easier to install split systems compared to ducted and multi-split systems. The technician will give you an idea of the cost when they are through inspecting the place.

Are you risking anything by having technicians in your house?

The world is still grappling with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. With the current directives from the Australian authorities, workmen are allowed to access commercial and residential premises, considering the essential nature of their duty. You should keep yourself updated with the latest government directives and consult Scott Brophy from Reef Air Conditioning for pending installations.

What preparations should I make?

Converse with the technician to find out what the work entails and the duration of the process. You can get all the necessary information on the phone instead of having them come over to your house every time.

Before the installation commences, ensure your tech guy has not been infected by the coronavirus and practices all the necessary precautions.

When it’s time, make a pathway for the installers, and try to avoid them as much as you can. It would help if you observed social distancing rules at all times. Do everything necessary to make sure the technicians have enough space to work in. Move the furniture out if you have to. The more complicated the work, the more time the technicians will spend.

It will be safer for you to position a hand sanitizer close to where the technicians will work. Irrespective of whether they are practicing good hygiene or not, ensure you disinfect all the surfaces they will touch. Disinfect everything, including the remote control.

If you’ve any more questions concerning your air conditioner, reach out to Scott Brophy from Reef Air Conditioning. They can tell you virtually everything you need to know on the phone.

Do you live in a rented house? Consult your landlord to find out the requirements for such installations and inform your neighbors about it as well. That shows that you have respected and honored your neighbors. You can also ask them to avoid the technicians in the course of their duty.

If you are eager to get your air conditioner installed ASAP, reach out to Scott Brophy from Reef Air Conditioning.

We offer every possible assistance at this difficult time, so do not hesitate to call if you need any support.

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