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Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

Weather experts are predicting a pretty hot summer for residents around the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane area. The bulk of those days will be extremely hot, as temperatures will go over the 30 degrees mark. That means we have been using our HVAC systems to cool our homes and offices, and we still need them to be in good shape in the weeks ahead.

This is the perfect time to contact air conditioning maintenance experts like Scott Brophy from Reef Air Conditioning to ensure nothing is wrong with your HVAC unit. Perhaps, you have observed anomalies in how your AC works; we will be glad to help. Whether it’s taking too long to cool your home or doing more than the necessary cycling, Reef Air Conditioning experts can help you get the job done. A sharp rise in your electric bill is a good indicator that your AC may be having a serious problem. Click here for your free quote.

Pre-summer Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

Whether you like to fine-tune your HVAC unit in early summer or during the end of spring, servicing your AC is not something that should be taken for granted. If you’re so preoccupied that you cannot service your AC yourself, Scott Brophy from Reef Air Conditioning is willing to give you a helping hand.

During a typical air conditioning maintenance, our experts will inspect your AC for any potential problem. Every component that makes up the AC will be thoroughly investigated and serviced to ensure the system works optimally. We deploy a number of tests and services in the process, like;

Air Filter Replacement

When it is summertime, your AC is expected to work more than normal, causing the filter to accumulate more debris, dust, and dirt. If you have allergies when you use your AC most times, you should get the filter changed each month. When you don’t replace the filter, you are only creating specific problems, like allergen buildup, short cycling, uneven cooling, and others for yourself. Our timely air conditioning maintenance services is all you need to prevent such from happening.

Clean Dirt In Air Ducts

This has to do with taking out all obstacles in the vents. Your HVAC air ducts and vents can trap more pollutants than air filters. Therefore, making sure this component is clean has a way of purifying your home’s air quality and also helping to ensure the system last longer. At Reef Air Conditioning, we render Duct Sanitizing and Duct cleaning as part of our air conditioning maintenance services.

Wiring Inspection

Electrical components in any HVAC unit are bound to weaken over time due to frequent usage. Scott Brophy from Reef Air Conditioning will be glad to help you check the unit to be sure everything is fine and safe for use.

Check for Refrigerant leakage

Refrigerant leakage in the middle of summer is bad news. The refrigerant plays a significant role in your HVAC system. It is saddled with the responsibility of cooling the air that flows into your house. Some of the things that indicate a refrigerant leak are: rise in the electricity bill, taking longer than necessary to cool the space, frequent cycling, and others.

Accurately adjusting thermostat settings

Summer is also known to affect the schedules of many people. If you are not going to be around for any reason, your thermostat needs to be set properly. For people who won’t be around during the daytime, you can raise the AC’s temperature slightly while maintaining the 55% humidity level. For instance, if you normally use 25 degrees at night, adjust it to 27 degrees when you are not around in the daytime. But if you work from your home because of the coronavirus pandemic, leave the temperature at a comfortable setting that will not be too far from what you use at night.

Just as homes are different, so also are their heating and cooling needs. The amount of heating and cooling needed by a particular home would largely depend on lifestyle and build type. As part of our air conditioning maintenance services, Scott Brophy from Reef Air Conditioning can assist you with an energy setting that will be most efficient for you.

For your end-of-summer or mid-summer air conditioning maintenance, contact Scott Brophy from Reef Air Conditioning. Cooling your home or office when you most need is what we know how to do best.

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