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Get your air conditioning system inspected with Reef Air Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

Everyone needs a health-check every so often – this includes your air conditioning and refrigeration systems. This review or ‘service’ is required to comprehensively check the system you have installed to make sure it is compliant with any newly implemented regulations and also to ensure your system is operating within its particular designed parameters. When it comes to Sunshine Coast air conditioning services, the team at Reef Air Conditioning can help you with what everything you need.

Our team can perform these checks annually, biannually or, for larger systems, every quarter (3 months). We ensure your equipment is running efficiently and is working as it should.  Also, if your system is still within the time frame covered by a warranty, these services also ensure that your warranty stays valid.  There are also regulations in effect for F-Gas. We check your system is compliant with those regulations. If you have a large-scale system or are holding a sizeable amount of refrigerant, you are legally required to have your system regularly leak checked and serviced to safeguard against any refrigerant escaping into our atmosphere.

There are many benefits to having your Sunshine Coast air conditioning services performed by Reef Air Conditioning.  You will receive all the information required to reduce the energy you use, improve your system efficiency, decrease carbon emissions and the overall running costs for your system.  Our Reef Air Conditioning expert technicians will recommend any possible improvements that can be made to increase the efficient operation of your current system.  They will also highlight the opportunities and benefits of replacing any older or oversized systems that are proving to be less efficient with a newer more energy efficient option.

sunshine coast air conditioning services REEF AIR

Has your energy consumption spiked and you are not sure why?  Reef Air Conditioning can not only provide all your scheduled Sunshine Coast air conditioning services, we can also perform Energy Inspections for you whenever you require, even if it is outside of your scheduled servicing agreement or timeframe.

A Reef Air Conditioning Energy Inspection will incorporate:

  • a detailed visual inspection of your entire air conditioning system
  • an extensive examination of all your system equipment and associated controls

Our findings reported to you

Once our comprehensive inspection is complete, the assessor will provide you with an in-depth report which will outline for you:

  • How efficient your current system is
  • Any faults found and the recommended ways to resolve them
  • Things you can do to reduce air conditioning usage
  • Improvement suggestions to increase the overall efficiency of your system

You are not obligated to act on any of the recommendations made during your Sunshine Coast air conditioning services or Energy Inspections, but there are definite savings to be made and comfort to be enjoyed if you do.

Contact Reef Air Conditioning for all your Sunshine Coast air conditioning services or Energy Inspection needs.

Reef Air Annual Inspections
Reef Air Annual Inspections
Reef Air Annual Inspections

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