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Ducted Air Conditioning Sunshine Coast

Whether it is for residential, office, or industrial locations, the team here at Reef Air, Sunshine Coast can meet all your Ducted Air Conditioning installation needs. Our specialist technicians are chosen and renowned for their high-quality work, experience and expertise, along with their customer service dedication.

With a history of over a decade serving the Sunshine Coast Ducted Aircon community, our record of providing top quality products combined with the highest level of customer care is something we pride ourselves on.  We treat all customers with the highest level of respect and care. We are dedicated to providing the very best service with the highest quality Ducted Aircon to suit your requirements and budget. From our initial free assessment of needs and quotation to the installation and through to our industry leading service packages and guarantee – it’s all a part of our assurance to you.

How does Ducted Air Conditioning Work?

Many people see air conditioning as being just the outside unit.  This is just one part of a ducted air conditioning system. But also, there is an additional unit contained inside the roof.  The unit outside is the compressor/ condenser while the roof unit is the indoor air handling unit.  These units together are the engine of ducted air conditioning.  However, without all the required components working correctly, the full benefits will never be experienced.

Air is pumped throughout ducts – a system of pipes which are situated inside a roof. Ducts are typically silver to better reflect heat which assists with keeping the air inside the duct cool as it flows through. Energy efficiency is improved with extra insulation and a coil of steel is often present in the inside of the duct to improve strength.

Ducted air conditioning energy efficiency is significantly assisted by ‘zoning’, This is the division of the entire area into different spaces. Zoning helps the system work more efficiently. A ‘constant area’ or ‘dump zone’ are normally used to ensure that the full system never completely closes. If the system did close totally, air pressure may build-up inside the ducting which could result in damage.

With rooms or areas individually zoned, this means you have total control over the airflow going to each zone. This aids comfort and efficient energy usage. More benefits are experienced when other energy saving actions, such as closing windows and doors, are taken.

‘Dampers’ (air regulators) adjust the air that is distributed into the separate zones as the air enters passing through a ‘diffuser’. Diffusers have different designs but all have the same task of acting as a vent to direct air into the space required. Dampers close and open allowing treated air to fill the room. The damper completely closes when a particular zone is turned off.

‘Return air grilles’ are where the air is returned to the system. Much like diffusers, many grille designs are available catering to all visual tastes. Grilles are an important piece of the system as the air filters they contain help purify air while circulating. There are some diffusers with an LED light indicating when the filter enclosed requires cleaning. It is very important that all filters are regularly cleaned. Dirty filters or grilles greatly decrease the effectiveness of a ducted air conditioning system.

Basically, that’s it – all there is to ducted air conditioning.  Outdoor and indoor units work together pumping air throughout your office, home or industrial area with designated zones receiving air via ducts and filtered through diffusers while being regulated by the use of dampers.

Picture of Ducted AIR CONDITIONINGWhere can I use a Ducted Air Conditioner?

Being controlled by a zone-specific system, ducted air conditioning is immensely flexible as it lets different areas receive air when and as necessary. Many types of systems can be installed allowing for heating and/or cooling of spaces or rooms (per below). Entire systems can have the ability to be controlled by timer which means areas can be heated or cooled only when needed without running the unit all day.

The family home often has many areas being used simultaneously This type of air conditioning is ideal for such situations.  Everyone in the house can enjoy total even comfort with no cold or hot spots as you move around the house: a luxury not experienced with conventional systems. Mum and Dad can be comfy watching television in peace while the children are cosily doing homework in their rooms.

Office buildings are also suitable for ducted air conditioning.  Putting on a jacket on in a chilly office, then taking it off as you move to an office bathed in hot Sunshine Coast sunlight will become a thing of the past. Zone regulation allows larger distribution and flexibility of air where it is truly required. Less work disturbance occurs as the unit runs quietly while pure air is ensured all day and night as it circulates through the high-level filtration ducted air conditioning provides.

Internal components of ducted air conditioning are available in an array of designs so can be applied in an assortment of scenarios: either melting effortlessly into the décor, or for use as a central feature in design (just as ceiling roses were in the day). They are also great when renovating or when building your dream home.

What different types of Ducted Aircon are there?

Your selection from the ducted air conditioners available will depend on your individual property and requirements. Our expert Reef Air team will advise you and assist in ensuring your Ducted Aircon will be the correct one.

The ideal type for family homes requiring summer cooling and winter heating is Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning (or more commonly, ‘reverse cycle’) Centralised zoning reduces running costs along with them being very easy to control. Approximately twelve times per hour, your air is recycled.  The fittings, ducting and fan, all stay concealed in your roof space. In general, these systems will benefit from being serviced every eighteen months. This will increase energy efficiency and the life of the system. With the compressor installed outside, associated noise is kept to a minimum.

The ducted refrigerated variable refrigerant flow air conditioner is possibly the most prestigious ducted air conditioning system. If you have a restricted roof cavity area for ducting such as in multi-storey homes or commercial buildings, this type is the perfect solution for you. Its compact design offers separate area or room air control combined with superior components and excellent energy efficiency.

Reef Air encourage you to you keep the following in mind when selecting the system ideal for your requirements:

  • The building layout – to ensure maximum air conditioning benefit, include room locations, sizes, and aspect (for example – shady or sunny)
  • Orientation and size of doors and windows
  • Any type of insulation and construction elements
  • How many people will use the entire building, and what number of them will possibly be in each area/room at the same time. Also, what are the main uses of each room (eating, sleeping or working, as an example.)

Picture showing ducted air conditioning vents from Reef AirWhat are the benefits of Ducted Air Conditioners?

At Reef Air, our experience of more than 10 years servicing the Sunshine Coast, is that ducted air conditioning gives far superior benefits to the end user than any other possible air conditioning system. There is a solution for all situations including reverse cycle air conditioning which has the added extra of providing heat as well as cool: cosy in winter and comfortable in summer.  Some added benefits of ducted air conditioning are:

  • Choice and flexibility for your individual needs and circumstances
  • Large choice of high energy rating units ensures lower running costs
  • Many systems include programmable settings for zones. Through zoning, you can cool or heat multiple areas at different times further reducing the costs of running your system by lowering energy waste.
  • Modern ducting combined with the latest technology units means a significant increase in energy efficiency with latent temperature controls at your fingertips
  • Internal humidity is reduced by refrigerated ducted air conditioning whilst also circulating purified air numerous times per minute during summer
  • The large range of components and units available ensures the system can be fully customised for taste and individual requirements, adding value to your home and enhancing its overall qualities.
  • With systems that can operate via wi-fi, they can be fully controlled remotely by using an iPad or smartphone.
  • Whether it is an initial installation or replacement of current air conditioning, ducted air conditioning is well suited for both new or existing homes.

You will no longer experience those old cold or hot spots again once a ducted air conditioner has been installed. Purified air will be dispersed evenly to the required areas via zone control, all while running efficiently, quietly and smoothly. You’ll soon find that ducted air conditioning for your office, home or work space is the perfect choice.

To discover how to reduce your energy expenses while maintaining an atmosphere matching your needs and to take advantage of the many benefits ducted air conditioning provides, contact Reef Air, Sunshine Coast today for a free, no obligation quote. We look forward to you becoming a part of our growing list of satisfied customers.

Reef Air ducted air conditioning

Reef Air Man looking at ducted air guages

Reef Air Lady operating a ducted air conditioning system

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