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Reef Air, Refrigeration Services

Energy Efficient and Sustainable Cooling

There is more to Reef Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Sunshine Coast than our name suggests. Not only do we cool your homes and buildings by ensuring they can remain at an optimal temperature, but can also save you anywhere up to a possible 30% of your running costs by using the latest technology in refrigeration.

Whether it is for warehouses, areas of food preparation, scientific laboratories, process cooling or whatever industry or building type you are in, our refrigeration services and solutions here at Reef Air are always top of the line. When it comes to Refrigeration Sunshine Coast, we can provide the design, installation and maintenance of a tailored resolution for all your refrigeration needs.

With HFC refrigerants (hydrofluorocarbon) moving through a phasing out process, our team of experts have all met the necessary training standards for safe management and handling of F-Gases. We can help you with the process required to change over to the newest types of refrigerants or alternatively, to install hydrocarbon chillers which helps promote environmental friendliness while meeting all your refrigeration needs.

Reef Air, Refrigeration Services

Bespoke Design

Reef Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Sunshine Coast know only too well that refrigeration systems are far from ‘one size suits all’.  From supersized chill rooms or frozen distribution stores down to the smallest of retail fridges, we are specialists in the design and installation of tailored refrigeration systems to suit all your requirements. We also ensure the most up to date technology is used in every design and installation. This allows your system to remain more sustainable for longer.  With greater energy efficiency and extended warranties, it’s a win all around.


Planned preventative maintenance along with Annual Inspections are highly recommended by our team here at Reef Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Sunshine Coast. To ensure your system continues to run smoothly and efficiently, we can tailor a maintenance schedule precisely to your needs and to the particular system you have installed. Some refrigerants have particular legislated requirements that need to be adhered to. For example, those with particular Global Warming Potential (GWP) are subject to legislation regarding safe management of leaks, service frequency and disposal. Our qualified team can look after this all for you.


Reef Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Sunshine Coast can be relied upon to swiftly respond to emergency breakdowns and service calls anywhere in the area from Noosa down to North Brisbane. Better still, service priority for breakdowns along with regular system check-ups are just two of the things you and your system will benefit from once you obtain your Reef Air maintenance plan. The specialist team here at Reef Air are your Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Sunshine Coast experts. We are here for you offering peace of mind and professionalism every step of the way.

Reef Air, Air conditioning and Refrigeration Sunshine Coast

Reef Air, Air conditioning and Refrigeration Sunshine Coast

Reef Air, Air conditioning and Refrigeration Sunshine Coast

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