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Reef Air, Ventilation Services

Ventilation solutions

When it comes to a healthy workplace or home environment, providing clean and fresh air is definitely an essential requirement. The Reef Air team here on the Sunshine Coast, provide supreme ventilation solutions for any office or home.
All internal environments require the circulation of a constant stream of air to assist ventilation with replacing noxious and stale air. At Reef Air, we can design and install tailored ventilation systems that will be entirely suited to your needs.

Ventilation and Filtration

Ventilation systems include a variable or single speed fan connected to a network of ducts. From the ducts, the air is then directed into multiple or single rooms via filters and dampers. Ventilation and circulation of filtered air are essential in creating a healthy and comfortable environment.

Ventilation Installation

From the moment your ventilation solutions are in place, you will feel the benefits it provides in your workplace or home. Ventilation filtration controls impurities found in air which improves the quality of what we breathe in. This provides great health benefits as well as assisting with odour elimination. And on those warm or humid Sunshine Coast days, the room is cooled and condensation reduced once an effective ventilation system is installed.

Reef Air Ventilation Solutions

Benefits of ventilation solutions

Fresh air is essential to help maintain good physical and mental health. But we often find ourselves inside areas with poor ventilation. It is very important to well ventilate areas or rooms within your workplace or home.  Here is why.

Control impurities
The quality of air may be ok where you are but surprisingly, we can find the air we breathe indoors has more pollutants than the outside air.  Bacteria, moisture and pollutants are largely expelled when effective ventilation is in place.

Regulation of air
If you do not have effective ventilation solutions in place, you cannot control the flow of air within your required space. Fresh air is great but too high an amount of it can actually decrease the efficiency of your air conditioning equipment resulting in increased energy costs.

Stop condensation
Respiratory problems and allergic reactions are just two of the health problems that may arise from dampness created by condensation. Mould development can also lead to deterioration and rot in surroundings. These conditions are greatly reduced by having efficient ventilation solutions installed.

Reduce temperatures
No one enjoys a muggy, stuffy and hot home or workplace. People in these types of spaces will be more comfortable and potentially more productive in an area with a good ventilation system.

Health benefits
Problems such as asthma, headaches, sinusitis, allergies and rashes are some of the health issues that can arise from poor indoor air quality resulting from an ineffective ventilation system. Avoid the risks by installing a suitable ventilation system.

Choose Reef Air for all your Ventilation solutions

With over a decade of experience in air conditioning, ventilation solutions and refrigeration across the Sunshine Coast, you can trust you are in good hands when you are dealing with Reef Air, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration.  We have provided and/or installed some of the best ventilation systems on the Coast. Our experience also covers repair and maintenance services. We deal in a wide range of units and types.  Anything from carpark exhaust systems to a filtered kitchen supply – Reef Air is there for you.

Reef Air Ventilation solutions

Reef Air Ventilation solutions

Reef Air Ventilation solutions

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