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How to clean a Air Conditioning System

Air Conditioning Systems RREF AIR cONDITIONING

How can I clean my air conditioner filters?

Is your air conditioning system performing below expectations? Perhaps, you need to have the filters cleaned. Keep reading to find out how it is done.

We have decided to dedicate this week to your biggest concerns. Thus, experts will be providing answers to all your questions.

Scott Brophy from Reef Air Conditioning Australia discusses how the filters in your Air Conditioning System can be effectively maintained.

Filters remain an essential piece of all Air Conditioning System. They help to filter incoming particles in the atmosphere, and also trap dust thus allowing clean air into the confined space.

When you use a Air Conditioning System often, there is a lot of dust on the surface of the filter. If the filter is not cleaned, airflow is obstructed and the performance of the air conditioner is reduced. The implication is that such Air Conditioning System will utilize more power to cool your house, ultimately increasing your energy bills.

Air Conditioning Systems RREF AIR

How often do I need to clean the filters?

That depends on how regularly you use your air conditioning system. If you are using it daily, you may need to have the filters cleaned every 3 or 4 weeks. But, if you only use it a couple of times a  week, you might have to subject the filters to cleaning every 3 or 4 months.

Before Air Conditioning Systems can be cleaned and maintained, it is recommended that you consult the unit’s operations manual. You also need to ensure it is serviced by a professional once or twice in a year; it all depends on how often you use yours.

How can you tell when to clean them?

You have to watch for specific signs like how fast it takes to cool your home; does it function intermittently; is moisture coming out from the unit. These are possible signs indicating that the filter is due for cleaning.

What tools are necessary for this?

You could use a mild detergent, vacuum cleaner, damp cloth, and water to have the indoor unit grilles dusted and for cleaning the filters.

Do the different types of Air Conditioning Systems consist of washable filters?

Every air conditioning system has its filter. It could be one or a number of filters. All filters can be removed and cleaned. To do this properly, consult the manufacturer instruction manual, because some filters can’t be cleaned and may need replacing.

Air Conditioning Systems RREF AIR cONDITIONING

Can you change air-conditioner filters?

Cleaning and washing the filters carefully will help prolong their lifespan. If they, however, get torn or become damaged, then replacement becomes the only option.

For Air Conditioning Systems that are mounted on the wall, you can get their replacement filters from the manufacturers. If you have to change the filter in any of ducted model of Air Conditioning System, then discuss with a professional in this field.

How can you remove and clean the filters?

Every manufacturer with their unique approach regarding how filters can be accessed and removed. On our list of Air Conditioning System, you are to:

  • Lift the front panel up
  • Pull the filter in your direction
  • Use warm water and mild detergent or vacuum cleaner to wash
  • Allow the filter to completely dry before you replace them

Should I clean any other part?

Use cloth to dust the grilles as well as the panel outside the indoor unit. It is possible to use a vacuum cleaner before wiping it with any damp cloth. Refrain from cleaning the internal components with the unit. Read the instructions of the manufacturers to know how the filters can be appropriately cleaned and how the panels can be wiped down.

Also try to clear out any cobwebs, leaves, and debris that are outside the unit. You can get them off with a broom or you can use a garden hose to apply a light wash. Do not use any high-pressure cleaner on Air Conditioning Systems.

Any need to spray anti-bacterial spray within your air conditioner after you’re done?

Absolutely not! It does reduce the performance of Air Conditioning Systems. It can equally cause damages to the filter.

Is there something else to note?

Moulds are likely to grow on the filters when you do not allow them to dry properly before fixing it back. If you find any mold, engage a professional to help clean it properly or replace the filter altogether.

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