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Split Systems – are split systems expensive to run for heating?

are split systems expensive to run for heating

Are split systems expensive to run for heating?

The weather in Australia is extreme. Apart from winters being very cold, summer temperatures seem to be breaking new records on regular basis. This means that cooling and heating systems are necessary for your maximum comfort. Depending on your location, cooling and heating can make up about 20%-50% of the energy you use. There is every need to keep things simple given that cost of living is increasing steadily.

Being that winter is here, there is a question that has been asked by many  is are split systems expensive to run for heating. There is also the question of whether they can be compared to ducted systems. To find out are split systems expensive to run for heating, read the details below.

What is a split system?

Split systems are wall-mounted units that can provide warm and cool air. The reason why it is called “split” is due to how it has been designed to have units both outside and inside your home. The conditioned air is provided by the indoor unit. Some of its most important components are heat exchange coil, remote signal receiver, fan, and filters. The outdoor unit is mostly called “condenser”. It is responsible for pumping refrigerant from and to your indoor unit. Its most important components are circuit board, heat exchange coil, compressor and propeller fan.

What determines the running costs?

When asking yourself the question are split systems expensive to run for heating, you must first determine the running cost for your air conditioner, there are lots of factors that usually come into play. The most important ones will be highlighted below:

  • Whether there is an inverter in the unit
  • The unit’s adjusted temperature
  • KWh energy costs
  • How long such system will work
  • The energy rating of the system
  • How regular you decide to service it
  • The unit’s size in terms of kW
  • Other factors are your windows, and insulation

Please note that you won’t save money by purchasing an AC that comes with smaller features and capacity. For instance, if the space that you want to get cooled is too large as compared to your AC’s output, the unit will begin to work under immense pressure. Another thing is that if your space is too big for the unit, it will not work as effectively as expected. In a nutshell, it will fall short of expectations.

Are split systems expensive to run for heating and are they effective?

Of course, split systems are very effective. An air conditioner (reverse-cycle) can hit 300%-600% efficiency. In other words, it can easily convert 1unit of thermal energy into about 3-6times as much cooling or heating energy. Energy savings can be maximized when your system is set at 17 – 190 during the winter season.

Your running cost will increase by 5%-10% when the degree is higher than the above. Running costs can be reduced by systems which come with inverter. When the set temperature is reached, less power will be used by the unit for maintenance of the temperature required.

What is the cost of a split system?

In order to compute the cost of a split system in the most accurate manner, there are several variables that need to be taken into consideration. These could be:

  • Floor plan
  • Number as well as size of your windows
  • The insulation in your home
  • And others

In order to help you have better understanding about costs of split systems, below are different costs of systems in Brisbane. The AC has been used for 12weeks at 240 temperature.

  • A system of 2.5kK which runs for 4hours daily is going to have a running cost of around $40.11/year or 47.75cents/day.
  • A system of 3.5kW which runs for 8hours daily is going to have a running cost of $134.16/year or $1.59/day.
  • A system of 3.5kW which runs for 4hours daily will have a running cost of $67.08/year or 79cents/day.
  • A system of 5.0kW which runs for 4hours daily will have a running cost of around $104.43/year or $1.24/day.
  • A system of 5.0kW which works for 5hours daily is going to cost around $130.33/year or $1.55/day to run.

Can they be compared to other systems?

When you considering are split systems expensive to run for heating, it is crucial that they are compared with ducted units.

Ducted units have been created to provide your entire home with cooling and heating functions. They usually come with an outdoor unit as well as ducting which is installed in your ceiling or under the floor. The outdoor units is where air ducts usually run from. They will pass channels in your ceiling before entering the rooms.

Although ducted systems are more expensive, they are very durable. Also, they can make your space to look more appealing. Just like what applies in a split system, it is possible to compute how much running cost you can incur using one in your home. For instance, the hourly cost will be 60cents when the cost of your electricity is $0.20 per kWh and the total unit of your input is 3kw/kWh. If such unit is run for 8hours at $0.50/capacity, the cost/hour will be $0.30. In the same vein, the running cost for 8hours will be $2.40.

There are some facts that you need to know about costs though. For instance, electricity charges will vary based on times of the day. Therefore, your calculation shouldn’t be only one. An entire house system will also cost more. This can range from 1.45/hour – 2.12/hour. Ducted systems don’t necessarily make use of energy rating labels. To check their performance, you can make use of GEMS Registration Database.

How to identify the best system for your home

Both split systems and ducted systems have their strengths and weaknesses. The latter are cheaper as compared to the former. However, note that a split system won’t cover much area as compared to ducted unit. This means that split systems are great for small properties. If you have a large house with multiple rooms, it is recommended to go for a ducted system. This can offer more as compared to a split unit. It can withstand the harshest of conditions.

In summary of the above, both systems can actually do a perfect job when it comes to heating and cooling your room. However, they are very much different in terms of what they can offer individually after being installed. Your decision about which one to choose is going to depend on two major factors. These are the property you are living in and the size of your budget. If your house has many rooms, a ducted system will be fine. However, if your budget is tight, go for a split system.

Where you can purchase the best

Having talked about which one is the best for your home, there is no doubt that you must be very eager to purchase one today. There is no other better place than Reef Air Conditioning. You will get access to the best split systems and ducted units that can meet your needs without compromise.

If you are eager to get your air conditioner installed ASAP, reach out to Scott Brophy from Reef Air Conditioning.

We offer every possible assistance at this difficult time, so do not hesitate to call if you need any support.

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