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Commercial Refrigeration In Your Workplace

Commercial Refrigeration In Your Workplace REEF AIR

Commercial Refrigeration In Your Workplace

With a lot of people going back to their offices, post-covid, it’s relevant you consider the kind of refrigeration suitable for your workplace. For over 18 months, many Australians have become accustomed to working remotely and from home. This has unsurprisingly created changes in attitudes and priorities, making employers creatively consider how to make the workplace more enticing to their employees as a result of this long break away from the office. Modern offices and workplace are becoming more space-efficient and flexible with many compact designs and fittings that suit the workforce; hence Reef Air Conditioning is recommending commercial refrigeration that can easily fit into available enclosures found in your workplace.

For some people, the thought of commercial refrigeration gets them thinking about restaurants, supermarkets, cafés, and bistros. However, there are various compact, upright, as well as, under-counter refrigerators (commercial refrigeration) that can be easily built into the enclosures available in your workplace. This is cost-effective and helps to save much valuable working space while functioning optimally. Reef Air Conditioning’s refrigerators for your workplace are commercial refrigeration equipment customized to fit into virtually all environments.

Changes That Can Be Created Through Commercial Refrigeration Of Your Workplace Post-Covid 19

Inspire and Provoke Loyalty

Progressive employers are looking for ways to make their workplace smarter to inspire loyalty. Instead of only serving their employees, how can these be utilized to inspire the employees and workforce? One method to achieve this is by installing commercial refrigeration equipment with display units, in addition to stocking this equipment with drinks, salads, delicious desserts, and sandwiches to reward employees and thereby boost their loyalty. Branded signage boards and panels can be integrated easily also into many commercial refrigeration units to show customized messages for the employees. Some models of commercial refrigeration equipment include standardized door locks for improved security. Therefore, Lunch thieves should please beware!

Coffee For Anyone

More companies and businesses are also introducing dedicated areas for coffee alongside the main kitchen area of the company. This enables employees to easily have access to good and quality coffee throughout their work time. Small and user-friendly coffee-making stations could be located almost anywhere, offering more than just boiling water in a kettle for coffee. Compact commercial refrigeration equipment are available and perfect for dispensing various keg-based beverages such as cold-brew coffee. This is great! These commercial refrigeration units can also dispense alcohol if the company permits it.

Setting An Example

Like consumers, present-day businesses and companies want to ensure their employees are putting enough effort to show “environmental awareness”. Being environmentally aware involves understanding how your behavior affects the environment we live in and how committed we are to making modifications and changes to protect the environment through our daily activities. Therefore, choosing efficient commercial refrigeration systems for our workplace sets an important example of how environmentally aware your business is.

Sustainability has been our focus at Reef Air Conditioning for a long time and has made us even up hydrogen refrigeration units with perfect energy-efficient parts and components like commercial refrigeration equipment. At Reef Air Conditioning, our hydrocarbon units make use of powerful R290 refrigerant to generate environmentally friendly and high-energy efficient commercial refrigeration equipment without offering up performance.

Summarily, these are a few ways recent development in commercial refrigeration equipment can provide real benefits and changes to workplaces and business environments. There are various commercial refrigeration equipment that your company can take complete advantage of. Contact us now at Reef Air Conditioning for all your commercial refrigeration needs.

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