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Ducted Air Conditioning Cost 2023 Comprehensive Update

Ducted Air Conditioning Cost Update

How much is Ducted Air Conditioning Update 2023

Ducted air conditioners rank among the best cooling and heating options in the market. But, ducted air conditioning cost is definitely on the high side in relation to other systems. For instance, if you do a cost comparison between a split system and ducted aircon, you would discover that ducted air condition is no doubt higher.

Having said that, most people are determined to know the exact cost of ducted AC units. If you belong in that category, then you have come to the right place. The main purpose of writing this piece is to reveal how much is ducted air conditioning across the Sunshine Coast. The post will include installation and service costs.

What is the essence of ducted AC?

Homeowners and business owners prefer ducted ACs for several reasons. Those reasons will be discussed below.

Comprehensive cooling/heating: The majority of standard AC systems are limited in the number of rooms they can heat or cool. They can heat or cool a maximum of 2 rooms. However, ducted ACs have the capacity to heat or cool more rooms because they employ ducts or vents to distribute the processed air across the entire space. That is why it is possible for everywhere to be heated or cooled evenly with such systems.

Temperature regulation: Ducted ACs make it extremely easy for you to regulate the temperature of a particular space. Regardless of whether you are using it for heating or cooling, you can decide how the temperature will be in all the rooms. The best part is that you don’t need multiple control units to do this – with one control unit, all the room temperature can be regulated. The reason this is possible is because such systems come designed with a regulating motor that communicates with all the ducts that make up the system.

Air conditioning zoning: A higher level of customization can be achieved in ducted ACs since they allow for zoning. Through the manual controlling of switches, thermostats, and clocks, zoning is possible. That means you can set the air condition to function in your bedroom, but not in your living room. The ability to control the different zones you have in your home makes ducted air conditioners superior to other AC systems. In addition, this control feature makes the system to be more energy efficient.

Seamless integration: Another reason why homeowners and business owners like ducted air conditioners is they can be used in any property without disrupting the current look of the property. Through a single point, they can be mounted in the roof, and the overall interior design of the home will not be disrupted.

From the above information, it is easy to see why ducted air conditioning cost is high around Australia. It is also durable and consumes a reasonable amount of power when in use. Are you still skeptical about the benefits of such systems? Then, read the information below.

How Much Does Ducted Air Conditioning Cost?

Back to the focus of this post, what is the exact cost of a ducted air conditioner? To accurately estimate the ducted air conditioning cost, factors like the property size, the brand or model, running costs, installation fees, and others would have to be considered.

Ducted AC Prices

Generally, ducted air conditioning cost is significantly higher. Homes that have more zones will incur a higher cost as well. To get the best price for a ducted AC system, consider the quotes below. One more thing; these general quotes are done in relation to the number of zones in the space.

  • A small one-storey building with 2 or 3 bedrooms cost between $9000 and $11500.
  • A medium-sized one-storey building with 3 or 5 bedrooms cost between $12000 and $14000.
  • A large-sized building, with more than one storey, having 4 to 6 bedrooms cost between $15000 and $20000.

However, you can only get the exact cost when you consider the other parameters needed for the calculation. Besides the number of zones and property size, there are other factors you still need to consider. Such factors include the number of power outlets, construction material type, how insulated is the home, how many people are living in the place, and others.

While we can provide you with as many factors as possible to help you arrive at a reasonable estimate, a professional supplier remains your best shot at getting the exact price. That’s because they have been in the business long enough to know what really counts and what doesn’t in such calculations.

Ducted Heating & Cooling System Prices

Perhaps, you are keen on shopping around or just interested in a brand or model, the table below gives you a breakdown of how much some of the popular AC systems cost:

Brand Avg. Price – Small House
(Single storey with 2-3 bedrooms)
Avg. Price – Medium Size House
(Single storey with 3-5 bedrooms)
Avg. Price – Large House
(Two or more storeys with 4-6 bedrooms)
Mitsubishi $2,805 $4,300 $5,373
Fujitsu $2,480 $3,755 $8,329
Hitachi $2,245 $3,210 $5,989
Daikin $3,801 $3,972 $6,141
Panasonic $3,150 $3,880 $5,135
Samsung $3,105 $3,693 $7,999
LG $2,999 $3,240 $3,985
Toshiba $3,290 $3,757 $4,595


  • Of all the best small home units, the Daikin ducted air conditioner seems to cost more than other brands. It costs $3,801. Hitachi sits at the bottom of the price catalogue with just $2,245.
  • Mitsubishi is the highest when you look at all the systems recommended for medium-sized homes. It cost $4300, and on the other hand, Hitachi is the cheapest in this category, costing $3210.
  • For homes that are large, Fujitsu ducted air conditioning cost $8329, and is considered the most expensive in this category. But, if you are looking for the cheapest in this group, you have to go for LG because it costs $3985.

It is important to point out that the above prices are not final, because suppliers may quote prices that differ from the above due to the kind of features, model, freebies or add-ons.

The above price table only gives you an idea of ducted air conditioning cost according to the various brands. The prices stated above does not include installation cost. It reflects the price of the unit alone.

How much is ducted air conditioning installation cost

It has been discovered that the cost of installation for a ducted air conditioner is the main reason people are shying away from such systems. Especially those who don’t know the benefits of ducted ACs. That said, it is also fair to say that most people have gotten it all wrong in this regard. The reason is because before you can arrive at the precise cost of installation for ducted ACs, a number of factors should be considered. Let’s go over the factors one after another.

Location: The cost of installing a ducted air conditioner in a remote area or somewhere that is hard to access will be higher than the usual fee.

Unit type: You are expected to pay higher for ducted reverse cycle units than for the normal ducted systems.

Size of property: The amount of vent grilles and ducts that needs to be installed is dependent on the size of the property. If more rooms or zones need to be cooled or heated, more ductwork will be needed. How many floors you have in your home is also a determinant factor as it will define the amount of droppers or vertical lines the installation will be needing. Besides the rising cost of materials that may apply, the size of the property has a lot to do when it comes to influencing how long it will take for the job to be completed.

Zoning the system: While zoning a ducted air conditioner tends to increase the installation cost, it is something that will be of great benefit to you eventually due to its energy-efficient benefits. Making sure your home is divided into different zones reduces how much you spend to run your ducted AC system, since you don’t need to leave it on all day.

Roof size & layout: The roof structure and space can also be an important factor in this regard. If the available space for the installation is insufficient, some adjustments may be inevitable if the ducts are to be fitted correctly. That implies extra costs and work.

Distance between outdoor and indoor units: The amount of material that will be needed to link both units will depend on the distance between both units. The more the distance, the more the materials needed and vice versa. This can directly influence installation costs.

So, how much are you expected to dish out for the installation of a ducted AC system? As you can see, the cost is never fixed or exact. It depends on the factors explained above. But, the below table can give you a rough estimate of how much the process might cost;

Size of the House Approx. Cost for Ducted Aircon Installation
Small House (Single storey with 2-3 bedrooms) $2,500
Medium House (Single storey with 3-5 bedrooms) $ 3,500
Large House (Two or more storeys with 4-6 bedrooms) $ 5,000

Ducted AC installation projects may differ with respect to the factors discussed above. However, the above table is to give you the average price in the industry. This will help you plan your budget accordingly.

How Much To Run A Ducted Aircon?

Anytime the mercury rises in Australia, how much it cost to run a ducted AC system jumps by a significant margin. While running your ducted AC can bring you much comfort, you need to know the cost of operating such systems.

As stated earlier, ducted systems are designed with energy efficient features because you can easily regulate the temperatures according to the different zones. In other words, you can make it work in a room and not work in another. You have the power to decide where and how it works in each zone.

However, when considering how much it cost to run a ducted AC system, the outcome is influenced by certain factors. This includes the system’s size, the normal thermostat temperature, energy efficiency, insulation quality, and how long the system will be running. The electricity provider you are using and your tariff structure are other factors that can affect the cost of running a ducted air conditioner.

Perhaps, a small illustration will help us understand this subject better. Suppose a homeowner employs a 20kW ducted AC with a system that has 6 zones, and an average AC output of 6kW. Such system will run for 80hrs every 3months, while they pay $0.24 for every kW of electricity used.

While the highest output is regarded as 20kW for the ducted unit, ideally, it will not operate optimally to have the space cooled. Hence, the unit my function at an average output of 6kW.

And if the unit is modestly used (for 80hrs per quarter), the ducted AC unit will operate with 480kW for each quarter. With the cost of usage fixed at $0.24 for one kWh, that would amount to an extra quarterly expense of $115.20. or it could cost a little more than $450 in a year.

The main point you should note here is that the cost of electricity is not the same everywhere in Australia. It differs from one city to another. If you’re relocating from Melbourne to Perth, you would discover that the cost of electricity in terms of kW/h is almost twice.

The Cost of Servicing a ducted air conditioner

To ensure your ducted AC unit is always working at its best, it is essentially important you service it a minimum of once in 12 months. At Reef Air Conditioning, we offer the following services:

  • Replacement or cleaning of the return air filter grill material
  • Examining the running pressure and refrigeration level
  • Cleaning and de-scaling
  • Operational checks on the air flow, temperature and motor zone

The standard cost for servicing a ducted AC system begins from $350, including GST. However, that quote does not comprise the cleaning of the evaporator, and doesn’t reflect servicing costs that may apply when a breakdown occurs or when a repair is needed.

We hope that answers some of your questions on how much is ducted air conditioning. If you have any question please contact us, we would be happy to provide you with a quotation.

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