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Ducted Air Conditioning Sunshine Coast, What’s The Cost?

Ducted air conditioning sunshine coast, ducted air conditioners are not like the regular air conditioners because they employ ducts or vents in the ceiling or walls to ensure the even distribution of conditioned air across a specific space. Not only that, the modern versions of ducted ACs have been designed to allow for the regulation of temperatures for different rooms within the same house. This is known as zoning.

That said, we need to understand that nothing good comes cheap. If you intend to get the best value in this regard, then you should be prepared to spend a bit. Therefore, are you racking your brain on how much a ducted air conditioning system might cost? If yes, then take a chill pill as Reef Air Ducted air conditioning sunshine coast gives you a potential breakdown of how much it costs to buy and install such a unit. Also covered in this post, is how such an addition will affect your power bills.

What’s The Cost of Ducted Air Conditioning?

In a ducted air conditioner, the cost of ducted ACs actually depends on the number of zones in your house. The higher the number, the more you are expected to pay. A ducted air con system for an apartment that has a maximum of 2 zones will cost anything between $5000 and $8000. Having said that, you might want to consider using a split AC unit for such small apartments if you are on a budget.

For a regular four-bedroom duplex, the price will cost you anywhere between $11000 and $14000. A multiple story building with more bedrooms will undoubtedly cost much more, with prices ranging between $15000 and $30000.

The precise amount you have to pay for the unit will be determined by a host of factors, including property size, number of outlets, floors, construction type, number of people living there, how insulated it is, as well as the temperature zones. As a result, the costs mentioned here should be considered as estimates. If you want an actual quote that fits with your personal needs and circumstances, then you need to consult with a professional outfit like Reef Air Ducted air conditioning sunshine coast.

There is a possibility of getting different quotes from different suppliers, so you need to ask questions to be sure you are buying the right unit. Find out if what the supplier is offering is the standard type or is it the noiseless ones that are built with smarter inverter systems.

How Much Is Needed To Run A Ducted Air Conditioner?

As an average household, the power costs for running a ducted air conditioning unit will be anywhere between $250 and $500. That said, the precise cost would be based on the utility company you are using and how their tariff is structured.

We will explain how you can easily calculate the cost of running your air conditioner. The formular will also depend on some factors, like the insulation and size of the premises, the duration of usage, as well as your electricity tariff rate.


Let us apply the assumptions below to an average household

  • 20kW ducted air conditioning, having 6 zones.
  • 6kW average air conditioner output.
  • AC runs for 80hours every quarter
  • It cost 24c/kWh to run the unit on power

Although it was stated that the AC’s max power is 20kW, with the appropriate size, the AC may not need to work at its maximum strength before it can cool the space. Hence, it is safe for us to assume that the said ducted air conditioning is cooling at a 6kW average.

When we factor in the 80hrs per quarter, the system will be using 480kW of electricity per quarter. The fact that the unit operation costs 24c for every kW, it will cost 480 X 24c to run this unit each quarter. That will amount to $115.20 per quarter, and over $450 per year.

If you perceive that that figure as too high, you don’t have to worry because there are a number of measures you can take to cut down the cost of running your AC that would be suitable for a ducted air conditioning. Some of the measures you can adopt include, installation insulation, purchasing an energy efficient system, adjusting temperature settings, and others. Patronizing an electricity retailer that offers the best price can also help.

Should I get Ducted Air Conditioning?

Right now, ducted ACs are the hottest trends; but that doesn’t make them a must for everybody. For instance, you cannot think of installing such a system when you are not the owner of the property you are living in. Or if you insist, it’s essentially important that you get your landlord’s consent. Installing all the necessary items is easier when the property has not been built yet.

However, if the property has been built, it may be difficult to justify the installation because you would need to tear down some portion of the ceiling and walls. Obviously, this would increase the installation costs and may be super discomforting for anyone who desires a ducted air conditioning.

When you are sure about getting an AC unit that will be the perfect ducted air conditioning, you have a duty to ensure you choose the right supplier. You should only patronize reputable AC retailers that are licensed and approved. LG, Mitsubishi Electric, and Daikin represent some of the few big names in this industry.

Contact Reef Air Ducted air conditioning sunshine coast for obligation free quotation.

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