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Ducted Air Conditioning Vs Split System

Ducted Air Conditioning Vs Split System

Ducted Air Conditioning Vs Split System: How To Make The Right Choice?

The Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology BOM climate outlook predicted that most homes in Australia will experience higher temperatures in the summer and early autumn in 2021. The far western, coastal areas may experience unusually high rainfall while southeastern Australia might experience cooler temperatures during the night in December. These anticipated weather conditions require you to make the right decision on the class of air conditioner-ducted air conditioning vs split system-that will be suitable for you.

As a property owner, you might have considered what the difference between ducted air conditioning vs split system is and which is better. This decision is very important when considering your monthly or yearly budget with regard to energy consumption. Choosing the right air conditioner will save you money in energy bills.

At Reef Air Conditioning, experts in heating, cooling, and air conditioning installation and repairs, we are deeply concerned about helping you to make the right choice of an air conditioner to prevent your energy bills from rising. For the purpose of this article, we will be discussing ducted air conditioning vs split system, their costs, performance, operating costs, suitability, and which of these air conditioners is the best. Reef air conditioning

Ducted air conditioning vs split system: Which is Better?

Ducted air conditioning vs split system: Which is better? There is no direct answer to this question. The answer to this question depends on what you need in your home or residential project. However, let’s start with what a split system and ducted air conditioning system are.

A split air conditioning system has both outdoor and indoor units which are connected by copper tubing. A gas refrigerant flows between both units through a copper tubing. Cooling more than one room requires you to install multiple split AC units in the rooms.

A ducted air conditioning (DAC) system is different from a split AC system. A ducted AC system has a central unit through which air is sent through ducts to cool and heat each room.

Ducted air conditioning vs split system: Their Cost

A DAC system costs more than a split AC system. If you are contacting Reef Air Conditioning to install a DAC system in your home, the installation cost could range from $10,000-$25,000 depending on the size of the DAC. However, a DAC system could be more cost-effective to operate than a split AC system comprising several rooms.

The newly manufactured DAC system divides your home into zones. A DAC system with zones enables you to select the rooms you want to cool or heat, instead of cooling or heating the entire home.

The split AC system is cheaper and easy to install than a DAC system. It is perfect for a homeowner who lives on a certain budget. You can decide to use different split air conditioners for the rooms in your home which suit your budget. A split AC is ideal for a small home or can be used if you just want to cool at most two rooms. In addition, the serviceable parts of a split AC are cheaper than a DAC.

Ducted air conditioning vs split system: Their Performance

For homes with multiple floor levels and rooms, DACs are mostly stable. This is because the central unit of a DAC system is designed and fabricated to prevent frequent damage as a result of regular wear and aging. A DAC system is never stressed even in peak hours. This minimizes the risk of breakdown of the Sir conditioning unit and therefore guarantees a stable performance.

In addition, a DAC provided a better and balanced airflow, as well as, insulation than a split AC.

The split AC system offers a better on-the-spot cooling than a DAC system. It cools faster and it is simpler to control compared to a DAC. However, a split AC system has a limitation. The cooling capacity of a split AC is limited to the rooms where its indoor and outdoor units are installed.

Ducted air conditioning vs split system: Their Operating Costs

As the cost of energy increases, a lot of homeowners reduced the rate at which they use air conditioners. So, what are ducted air conditioning vs split system operating costs?

Split AC systems are cheaper to maintain compared to DACs. As earlier mentioned, the only limitation a split AC system has is that it is more effective in a small number of rooms when compared to the multiple rooms a DAC can cover.

A split AC system has an affordable installation and maintenance cost. However, a DAC system can cost as much as three times the cost of operating a split AC system. Nevertheless, with an increase in operating costs comes a wider area for circulation of cool air.

A DAC is costly to install, as well as, replace. Homeowners consider the installation of a DAC system as an investment that increases the market value of their property.

Maintenance of DAC systems requires the services of a professional like Reef Air Conditioning. Contact us now and get a free estimate for your DAC installation and maintenance. Our services are affordable with quality guaranteed and the best in the entire Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Ducted air conditioning vs split system: Their Suitability

Installing a ducted air conditioning vs split system in your home requires suitable space and location. This allows the air conditioning systems to perform maximally and your home to have optimum cooling and heating, without affecting the beauty of your property and home. A DAC requires large roof space for installing the central of a DAC. However, the installation of a split AC system requires also much space on the ground.

The outdoor units of some split AC systems can create noise. Therefore, when installing a split AC system, you should consider its effect on your neighbor.

Ducted air conditioning vs split system: Which of them is the best for you?

Deciding between ducted air conditioning vs split system is like trading off the costs, as well as, benefits of both air conditioning systems. If you prefer a controlled and better heating and cooling system around your entire home without any concern for the high costs of energy, therefore a ducted air conditioning system is best for you.

Nevertheless, if you are operating a limited budget and you can be able to install and maintain an air conditioner in your home for one to two apartments, therefore a split AC system will be best for you.

Although both air conditioning systems perform heating and cooling in various ways, your choice will be based on the kind of property or home you reside in and how you prefer to have control of the temperature in your rooms. The ball is now in your court! Make your decision now and contact Reef Air Conditioning immediately for the best and affordable installation of ducted air conditioning vs split system.

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