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Choosing the perfect Heating and Cooling System

heating and cooling system REEF AIR

Choosing the perfect Heating and Cooling System

Choosing the proper heating and cooling system that meets your home needs and local climate can create a stress-free experience for you. It can save you from rising energy bills and the cost of repair and maintenance of air conditioners. Irrespective of where you reside in Australia, it is essential you install the right HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system.

Suppose you are about to choose a new heating and cooling system for your home. In that case, Reef Air Conditioning is here to assist as one of the most reliable and trusted heating and air conditioning companies in Australia. Reef Air Conditioning will make it easy for you to avoid the issues connected with choosing the wrong heating and cooling system.

Let us have a review of the various types of heating and cooling system. The benefits of each system will also be discussed along with some tips for you to make the best use of your heating and cooling system.

Types of Cooling Systems

Split Air conditioners (ACs)

A split air conditioner has two main components: the condenser and the air handler. The condenser, which is installed outdoor, converts cool air to hit air and vice versa. The air handler, which is installed inside your home, distributes the air indoors. This setup makes split air conditioners:

  • Suitable for residential homes and public places like libraries and classrooms, split ACs don’t create much noise indoors because the condenser is located outdoors.
  • Relatively easy to install as they don’t need ductwork. Hence, less labour and a low cost of installation are required. The labourers only need to drill a tiny opening to connect the condenser and air handler through refrigerant and electrical lines.

If you need multiple units of split ACs to be installed on your home, connect the units to the same condenser. This is time-saving and also enhances the efficiency of your HVAC system.


Fans are easy to operate, portable, and need little maintenance. Examples of fans you can use are tower fans, desk fans, ceiling fans, floor fans, wall-mounted fans, and so on. These fans (except wall-mounted and ceiling fans) are easily moveable and can be positioned in several ways in your various rooms.

As an extra cooling unit, fans can circulate air to areas (such hallways and some bedrooms) where air distributed by your AC unit doesn’t reach. Fans can also serve as a dehumidifier by circulating dry air in your room. Nevertheless, the usefulness of a fan is usually restricted to an occupied space because the cooling effect of a fan depends on your skin’s moisture. The air generated by the fan causes the moisture on your skin to evaporate, thereby taking heat away from your skin. This process is called convection. Thus having a fan in a room that is not occupied won’t have a similar cooling effect as an AC.

Evaporative Cooler

This type of cooling system contains a cooling pad that is soaked in water. The evaporative cooler takes up hot air from behind. The moist pad absorbs the heat (hot air), causing the moisture on the pad to evaporate as cool air; the hot air immediately comes in contact with the pad soaked in water. A fan, in turn, circulates the cool air into your home.

Evaporative coolers use significantly less energy in cooling air than coolers that use refrigerants because the cooling process is natural. They are widely used in dry and hot climates. It is essential you open the windows and doors to enable fresh air into your residence. Otherwise, humidified and sticky air will be circulated in your home.

Types of Heating systems


A radiator gets a room warmed up by pumping heated water through a coil of copper pipes. Copper has good thermal conductivity; hence heat can efficiently be radiated through the copper pipes’ metal casing into your home. This type of heating, despite not been a popular form of heating, is still exceptionally beneficial.

Compared to a heating and cooling system that uses fans, very minimal or no noise is made by radiant heaters when in use. Radiation heating is perfect for a home with children that needs quiet and warmth. In addition, radiators can get a room warmed up quite quickly, and the heat will be retained for an extended period even after the radiator is shut down. This saves cost on energy bills in the long run.

Gas Heater

Gas heaters are usually more cost-effective in comparison to electric heaters. Electric heaters use much amount of energy to generate the required quantity of heat. However, a gas heater only requires a little gas to generate the same heat as an electric heater. Another benefit of a gas heater is that it can be installed in any part of your home since they don’t have to be connected to a power source.

However, gas heaters require a gas cylinder containing gas to be functional. The gas cylinder must be refilled at a gas station when there is no more gas supply. Electric heaters don’t need a refill. In addition, gas heaters can be a safety hazard when you have children or pets because they have an open flame.

Reverse-Cycle Heater

A reverse-cycle heater is similar to a split air conditioner. Installing both in a single unit can reduce your HVAC system future cost. A reverse-cycle heater reverses the cooling process of a split AC. The refrigerant in a reverse-cycle draws outdoor heat and circulate it around your home, rather than the refrigerant taking up indoor heat and sending it outside. Reverse-cycle heaters are usually more energy-efficient than electric or gas heaters because they don’t make use of additional energy to generate heat.


There are different types of heating and cooling system for your home. That depends on the size of your home and choice of temperature, budget and local climate. Contact Reef Air Conditioning for expert advice on your preferred HVAC system.

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