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How much for Ducted Air Conditioning

Mondern House showing ducted Air Conditioning Vents

How much for Ducted Air Conditioning?

If you are familiar with air conditioning, you would agree that portable, split-unit systems and wall-mounted models are the most common. Therefore, not too many people know about Ducted AC. They are the best air conditioning units you can get for cooling or heating the entire space in your home. But like they say – good things do not come cheap! That is why a lot of people still want to know how much for ducted air conditioning?

For the installation of Ducted AC, you can pay anything from $5000 to $11000, depending on the system type you are installing for that space. In other words, how much you pay for such services is determined by many factors. This post will be helping you with the right information that will enable you to make the best decision when you meet with installers such as Reef Air.

How does ducted air conditioning work?

Ducted systems are usually installed when building a new home, retrofitting is possible, particularly if the ceiling cavity has room. This kind of air conditioning system employs ducts or insulated pipes in the ceiling cavity or floor to dispense cool or warm air within the home. Grills or vents are installed within the target rooms you are trying to ventilate, and a control panel that is programmed lets you choose the temperature.

Many factors influence how well a ducted air conditioning system works, specifically the ducting’s thermal efficiency and unit’s energy efficiency. If the ducting used is not original, it loses cool air or heat as it moves within your house.

Ducted AC employs ducting, or insulated pipes installed in your ceiling cavity or floor to dispense cool air within your home.

Why install ducted air conditioning?

If you seek a better way of circulating cool air around all the rooms in your house, Ducted AC is a preferred option compared to any other cooling system. It can cool large spaces better than other split units. Also, if you dislike the sight of those mounted units or the noise they make, then you can go for ducted because it is quiet and inconspicuous. But if your intention is to cool just a couple of rooms, you can stick with a split AC unit that can be mounted on the wall.

Picture showing a Ducted air conditioning vents

The cost of running ducted air conditioning.

Different factors determine how much for ducted air conditioning. The factors are;

  • System size and type
  • The duration of operation
  • The level of insulation of your home and the system
  • The set temperature

If you have concerns about how much it costs to run a ducted AC system, there are measures you can take to reduce the cost. The first thing you can do is to choose from any of the energy efficient systems. Improve your home insulation and reduce the temperature by one or two degrees. You can equally ensure your electricity provider is giving you the best available deal. If not, you can shop around for better deals.

Ducted air conditioning prices

Ducted air conditioning prices are based on different factors, specifically the chosen brand, energy rating, and system size you want. Other factors for consideration comprise of

  • Your home’s layout and size
  • The number of people within your house
  • If you want the cool air to be circulated to various parts in your house
  • The material your house is made of (weatherboard or brick)
  • If your house has a ceiling cavity
  • The difficulty level of the installation

The more zones and points you include, the higher you would have to pay for the ducted AC system.

Use the below information as a rough guide;

  • A small home or apartment would require a system of about $5000.
  • Between $6000 and $10000 for a ducted air conditioning system that would fit a 3-bedroom one storey house.
  • Over $11000 for a ducted air conditioning system for one big 4-bedroom 2 storey house.

For those who are keen on how much does ducted air conditioning cost, there are some other prices you would find online for ducted AC systems include:

  • Fujitsu 7.1kw ducted split AC system cost $4400 for supply and installation.
  • An 8kw Samsung ducted reverse cycle AC installed to six points cost $5400.
  • Daikin’s 14kw ducted inverter split unit AC system cost $7000 for supply and installation.

Picture showing a Ducted air conditioning vents

From the horse’s mouth

Reef Air’s Scott Brophy states that even though the 2.5-star air conditioning unit and 6.0 rated ducted unit are significantly different, it is more expensive to manage the 2.5 star. So, it is best to go for the 6 star, because they are more cost effective and energy efficient in the long run.

Who can install your ducted AC?

Secure the services of certified professionals such as Reef Air for such responsibilities. Anybody who is into the installation of AC units and refrigerants must be certified by ARC (Australian Refrigeration Council). Your focus should not only be about how much does ducted air conditioning cost but to make sure you hire professionals for the job.

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