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Is My HVAC system Making Me Sick?

Couple sick from HVAC system Reef Air Conditioning

Is My Air Conditioner Making Me Sick?

Residents of Sunshine Coast have had to apply extreme caution since the discovery of the coronavirus. These are definitely terrible times for many of us because we have had to obey all the social distancing protocols whether it is convenient for us or not. The fear of going down with a virus or cold has now become the fear of the whole world, and not just that of Sunshine Coast residents. You get the impression you are doing all you can to ensure your safety and that of your family. You might even be wondering if there is anything else you need to do to protect yourself. That is because it appears that you are prone to colds, even though you have not experienced any complete bacterial or viral infections.

One of the goals of an HVAC system is ensuring it cools and protects everyone within the confined space. So when you fail to maintain any of the necessary systems in your air conditioning unit, you are bound to suffer from poor air quality. And when that happens, anyone inside your home will become sick, and fatigued.

Ladie sick from the HVAC system Reef Air Conditioning

The air that comes out of an air conditioner is not in itself harmful. In contrast, they even help to purify the air and make it fit for those who have any respiratory defects. A malfunctioning air conditioning unit can start from having things like fungus, mould, dust, viral/bacterial overgrowth. If you allow these microparticles to stay too long in your vent, within a short time they can quickly accumulate. As they filter into your home, they will fill your respiratory system, and can even find their way to your bloodstream. If you are exposed to a faulty air conditioner, you can start noticing symptoms such as stuffy nose, inflamed sinus passages, dry/itchy skin, throat irritation, more asthma attacks, concentration difficulty, and fatigue, allergies, as well as flu related symptoms in serious cases.

Are you suspecting that your home’ air conditioner’ poor air quality is making you feel sick? If yes, then contact us today, and let’s inspect your HVAC system. We have experienced technicians who are exceptionally good at this kind of job. They have what it takes to fix your AC, so it provides you with excellent, healthy air. We can make your fatigue and allergy days a thing of the past.

Our Recommendations

Maintaining your AC regularly is the best way to ensure a functioning HVAC system. In addition, we advise you implement air filtration enhancements, combined with our polarized media electronic air cleaner, high-output UVC lamps, as well as time-release drain pan treatment. At Reef Air Conditioning, we sell the highest quality and most reliable products. We have got the 3FM and RM UVC lights, which have been considered by experts as the strongest of all UV lights. These products are designed to ensure that the air that runs through your house is adequately treated and only consists of smaller quantity of air-based pathogens. Different types of viruses and bacteria are rendered impotent at various microwatt settings, so we can’t guarantee you of a sterilization that will be 100%. But, what we know is that we have products that can serve your residence reliably. We work together with our customers to strengthen their defenses against any form of airborne illnesses; viruses, including the Coronavirus, and germs. Reef Air Conditioning have chosen to stand by you in these trying times. Reach out today, and we will gladly come and inspect that HVAC system of yours, and assess the kind of air it produces.

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