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heating and cooling system REEF AIR

Choosing the perfect Heating and Cooling System

Choosing the proper heating and cooling system that meets your home needs and local climate can create a stress-free experience for you. It can save you from rising energy bills and the cost of repair and maintenance of air conditioners....,.... ...
HVAC Systems Buy Reef Air

HVAC Systems and How they Operate

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. This acronym covers just about everything used to keep your home comfortable. HVAC Systems provides heating and cooling to commercial and residential buildings...,.... ...
Air Conditioner Making Noise Reef Air

Air Conditioner Making Noise After Shutting Down?

There can be several reasons responsible for your air conditioner making noise immediately after turning it off. The noise can be frightening. Determining the specific cause of this noise can be difficult, especially if...,.... ...
split systems By Reef Air

Split Systems – Are They Too Expensive For Heating?

The weather in Australia is extreme. Apart from winters being very cold, summer temperatures seem to be breaking new records on regular basis. This means that cooling and heating systems are necessary for your maximum comfort..,.... ...
Air Conditioner from Reef Air

Is now the right time to install that air conditioner?

Air quality and temperature are two key factors that can influence that comfort. And if you’ve been trying to manage your stuffy home, this might be the perfect opportunity to install that air conditioner..,.... ...
Why You Should Leave HVAC Maintenance for Professionals

Why You Should Leave HVAC Maintenance for Professionals

Although it pays to be a DIY freak, HVAC is one thing you should stay away from. Only professionals are qualified and permitted to undertake HVAC maintenance of any kind since it requires experience and training to deliver on such tasks.,.... ...
Importance of Utilizing a Programmable thermostat Reef Air

Importance of Utilizing a Programmable thermostat

To avoid spending to much money on your energy bills, consider upgrading your manual or digital thermostat by installing a programmable thermostat. Herein are some of Scott Brophy’s (from Reef Air Conditioning) preferred benefits of adding a ...
ducted reverse cycle air conditioning FROM REEF AIR

Guide to Buying a Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Searching for the perfect fix for your cooling and heating problems? Imagine a home with a quality and comfortable air conditioning system where the kids enjoy cool air in the living room playing video games, a cozy living room for relaxation after ...
A clear Lung with plant life showing Indoor Air Quality

The Benefits of Clean Indoor Air Quality

You might be having allergic reactions at home and feeling distressed. These allergic reactions can manifest as nasal congestion, runny nose, and asthmatic symptoms. Several substances known as indoor allergens (house dust, pollen, fabric, etc.) ...

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