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Why You Cannot Afford To Neglect Servicing Of Air Conditioner

Servicing Of Air Conditioner Reef Air

Why You Cannot Afford To Neglect Servicing Of Air Conditioner

Regular servicing of air conditioner is essential for achieving maximum efficiency in most weathers, like what we have in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast. When you fail to subject your AC to proper maintenance, a lot of things can go wrong. For instance, there will be a sharp drop in its performance, which will reduce its efficiency and cause you to pay more money for your power bill.

Most people assume servicing of air conditioner is just about cleaning filters. I’m afraid it is way more than that. Highlighted below are some of the components that should be serviced regularly, as well as why you cannot afford to neglect them.


This is about the most important thing you can do for your AC. You need to clean out the filters as much as you can. Dirty filters will increase the energy required by the unit to function. By causing an obstacle to the free flow of air, the AC system will be struggling to work. This will translate to higher power consumption. That said, it will amaze you to learn that you can save between 5 and 25% on how much you spend on power consumption.

Do you replace or clean the filters?

The answer to this question is relative because all filters are not the same. Filters differ according to the design of that unit. They equally differ in their efficiencies. While you can clean reusable filters, the disposable types can only be replaced. So it boils down to whether your AC is using a reusable or disposable filter.

How many times do you need to clean your filters?

It is advisable that you clean your filters once in six weeks when it is peak cooling season. You can clean it once in 3 months for the other parts of the year. But again, everything depends on what your cooling needs are. For instance, as experts in Reef Air Conditioning that are highly experienced in servicing of air conditioner, we recommend you clean yours more often when you have pets in your home or you use your air conditioner almost every time. However, if you stay in a place that is clean and you don’t use your AC that often, you won’t have to bother yourself with cleaning.

Condensation Drains

In the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast area, one of the reasons people use AC is to reduce the humidity of the surrounding air. This functionality will be greatly hampered if your AC unit is clogged or blocked. Under performing drains can make your carpets and walls look messy.

How can a drain be blocked?

Several factors can be responsible for blocking your AC drains. Some of them include Large Bugs, Wasps, Ants, bad air con & drains quality, the system’s age, and bad installation.

What to do when your drain becomes clogged

If you suspect blocked drains, or you see water leaking from your AC’s indoor unit, reach out to professionals like Reef Air Conditioning that are into AC repairs. Do not attempt to do it on your own so you do not make a bad situation look worse. Clearing out your drains and making sure your system is not blocked is part of the services we offer as servicing of air conditioner at Reef Air Conditioning.


Your AC Condenser Coils and Evaporator are fond of collecting debris and dust. If this is not managed properly, it can negate the efficiency of air flow and also reduce the quality of air coming out of the indoor unit. That can result to fowl air coming out from the AC. Dirty or damaged coils can also increase how long it will take for the AC to cool your home. This implies you need more power to cool your home.

What do I do?

You need to inspect your coils a minimum of once every year to ensure it is in a perfect shape. But, if you live in a place where your unit is bound to collect more debris or dirt, we recommend you check it at least two times every year.

How to fix a damaged/dirty coil?

At Reef Air Conditioning, we advise you consult professional help when it comes to fixing your coils. You may damage your unit if you attempt to fix it yourself because you obviously lack the training that qualifies you for that sort of job.

Annual Maintenance Check & Service

Reef Air Conditioning recommends you subscribe to our full package for servicing of air conditioner. You can contact us during the winter season, so we can prepare your AC for the peak cooling season. Yearly servicing are better off when they are done by professionals. Yearly servicing should comprise the following:

  • Dismantling of the indoor unit’s casing, which includes removing the drip tray if possible.
  • Cleaning and replacement of filters
  • Coil cleaning of indoor evaporators
  • Cleaning and flushing of water drip tray
  • Inspecting outdoor unit for potential debris
  • Temperature check
  • Examining refrigerant levels
  • Function check
  • Mold & anti-bacteria spray
  • Removal of anti-mold and cleaning indoor components.

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