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Smelly Air Conditioning? Why? How?

Lady Smelling a Smelly Air Conditioning From Reef Air

Smelly Air Conditioning? Why?

To the best of your knowledge, your air conditioning unit seems to be working optimally, but you can’t tell why that foul smell is coming out from the AC unit or the vents. You may be racking your brain about this development, not knowing whether the AC has suddenly gone bad and if it has a negative implication on your safety or health. There are a couple of reasons for a smelly air conditioning unit. You don’t need to fret about it. Reef Air Conditioning has the expertise to help you fix such issues.

If your home is giving out a burning-like smell, it can be a cause for concern. But, if it is just one of those flitting smells, it could be attributed to burning dust. On the other hand, you might be dealing with an overheated motor or burning capacitor when the smell goes on for a long time. An overheating motor could be the result of worn-out bearings. Also, if the air filters are not regularly changed, it could impede proper airflow, and that can cause electrical components to overheat. A smelly air conditioning system can also be caused by the compressor, circuit board, or AC fan. Endeavor to switch off your AC unit when you are not using it.

Does it smell like acetone? If that is the case, the refrigerant might be leaking. If your AC unit has not been properly maintained or is old, the coil can develop cracks or holes. This is a bad situation because it is not good for your health.

Is it the rotten kind of smells from dead birds, or lizards? These animals normally access the unit via the air ducts, but find it difficult to get out. As time develops, they are going to decay and the smell will fill up your room anytime you turn on your AC.

If it is a musty kind of smell, it might have to do with mould growing within the air passages. If moisture within the unit doesn’t drain, it can settle along the ducts and encourage mould growth. Mould can be harmful to your health. When you turn on your AC in that instance, it spreads the mould and pores across your home. The smell should be the least of your problems in such a scenario.

The smell of a rotten egg is one you should not ignore. Gas leaks are characterized by their rotten egg smell. If you are sure the smell is coming from your vents, switch off every piece of electrical equipment and avoid using lighters. Open the windows in your house and vacate your premises before you get in touch with your gas provider. That is because you can be dealing with something more serious than a smelly air conditioning unit.

We don’t advise any DIY operations on your AC unit. Reach out to Reef Air on 0431 159 504 you can choose to book an appointment if you smell anything suspicious. Our experts can help you get over such issues in the shortest possible time to allow you to use your AC unit again.

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