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To the best of your knowledge, your air conditioning unit seems to be working optimally, but you can’t tell why that foul smell is coming out from the AC unit or the vents. You may be racking your brain about this development, not knowing whether the AC has suddenly gone bad and if it has a negative implication......
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Since the coronavirus pandemic broke out, Australians have had to spend more time in their homes. With many of us working remotely from our places of residence, our apartments and homes are now working more than they used to.
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Residents of Sunshine Coast have had to apply extreme caution since the discovery of the coronavirus. These are definitely terrible times for many of us because we have had to obey all the social distancing protocols whether it is convenient for us or not.
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Is your air conditioning system performing below expectations? Perhaps, you need to have the filters cleaned. Keep reading to find out how it is done. We have decided to dedicate this week to your biggest concerns. Thus, experts will be providing answers to all your questions.
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