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What Is Ventilation And How It Can Affect You

What Is Ventilation Reef Air

What Is Ventilation?

We almost cannot do without ACs in our workspaces and homes in today’s society. Ventilation is part of the words that make up the HVAC meaning. So what is ventilation and how can it be of benefit to you?

Ventilation enhances air quality and comfort

Ventilation is necessary for good air quality and HVAC comfort. Staying or living in a space that is not properly ventilated can cause you health issues. Experienced HVAC professionals at Reef Air Conditioning advice that ventilation is prioritized to stop COVID-19 spreading in your home or office.

Therefore, what is ventilation, and how can it be used with AC and heating systems to make air quality and HVAC comfort better? Read the rest of the article to know how.

What is ventilation: the V inside HVAC?

Based on AIRAH, every HVAC system, in addition to ventilation, should heat, clean, cool, and dehumidify an enclosed space to ensure HVAC comfort and good health.

It is possible that you already know about the others, like cooling, heating, humidification, and de-humidification. However, you may not have paid attention to what is ventilation, as well as how it can affect HVAC comfort. Ventilation is about letting in fresh conducive air from outside to your indoor space.


According to AIRAH, ventilation happens to be among the most relevant things an HVAC system is supposed to do. Without the right amount of ventilation, an enclosed space will be uncomfortable because there will not be free-flowing air. Such spaces can end up trapping contaminants and toxins that make inhabitants to be sick. To tell you how serious this is, AIRAH has made several publications about the standard of indoor air quality that is acceptable.

When you live or work in a building that is old, it is very possible that air from outside will be leaking in through badly insulated walls, leaky ducts, and badly sealed doors and windows. This is good news when you look at it from one perspective; it allows for adequate ventilation which ensures HVAC comfort. But, that has a price tag to it – energy efficiency will be lost. If outdoor air can gain easy access to your indoor space, your HVAC and heating systems will be forced to work more than they should, which will send your energy bill flying high. From the other angle, your refined indoor air conditioned air will be leaking outside.

What is ventilation in the mechanical sense?

Thankfully, there is something you can do for your building to breathe through all the cracks to ensure adequate ventilation that will bring about HVAC comfort. It is known as mechanical ventilation. It is a concept that’s important for commercial buildings and modern homes that normally come with air-tight designs to maximize energy efficiency.

This may not be a familiar term when we consider what is ventilation provided mechanically? What it means is the use of equipment to manage how air is allowed into a particular space. Mechanical ventilation employs fans and ducts to circulate fresh air within your indoor space. It also includes letting out air from other areas like bathrooms and kitchens.

The benefits of mechanical ventilation for your air quality & HVAC comfort

Homes benefit from mechanical ventilation because it helps to enhance energy efficiency and also regulate the quantity of outdoor air that can enter into a space.

Regulating the quantity of fresh air

Like we mentioned, letting in too much air from outside can force your HVAC unit to function harder than it should, causing your energy bills to skyrocket. When the quantity of air coming is far more than what goes out, an air imbalance can be created. Are your doors opening on their own? Or unpleasant odors are moving to areas where they shouldn’t? Like from the kitchen to dining or from restroom to where customers stay? That is a typical instance of air imbalance, it is caused by a ventilation system that is poorly designed.

Not letting in enough of fresh air will only cause the space to be stuffy, a trap for undesirable air, which includes contaminants, moisture and odors.

The EPA suggests employing mechanical ventilation to forestall odors, pollutants, and moisture building up in any indoor space. Odors are not pleasant and can make you lose money in business situations.

Moisture can give rise to worse issues like mold growth and can cause damages to finishes, equipment, and furnishings. Mechanical ventilations make it possible to rid a particular space of moistures and odors. This is of great significance to residential bathrooms and kitchens and highly relevant for other spaces like restrooms, locker rooms, gyms, and restaurant kitchens.

Controlling fresh air sources

With the help of mechanical ventilation, it is also possible to control the origin of outside air and where indoor air can exit the building.

Why is this relevant for HVAC comfort? Let us see some instances.

If your business or home is situated close to a gas station or restaurant, you want to make sure odors are not migrating from such spaces into your house. An appropriately installed mechanical ventilation system would identify intakes coming from the other part of your building, making sure they are far from any pollutants or odors.

Exit locations are equally relevant. You don’t want to expel moisture-filled air into a space where it could result to damages. Or expelling pollutants and odors into areas where people will have to inhale them.

Choosing the mechanical ventilation that is appropriate for you

Mechanical ventilation systems come in different forms; some are packaged with your HVAC unit, whereas others are on their own. What will work best for your HVAC comfort will depend on the kind of space you have, your climate, and how your space is used.

Failing to choose the right system can cause moisture buildup that can cause mold growth and bring about damages to your space.

That is why it is recommended that you work with experienced HVAC Company such as Reef Air Conditioning with an in-depth understanding of what is ventilation.

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