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What Temperature to set Air Conditioner in Winter Australia? It Depends

What Temperature to Set Air Conditioner in Winter Australia

What Temperature to set Air Conditioner in Winter Australia? It Depends

When it comes to setting the temperature of your air conditioner during the winter, you should keep it between 18 and 20 degrees. Of course, you should also keep in mind that various parts of Australia have different climates, so the settings for your air conditioner will not affect everyone in the same way. But if you want to save money and energy, you can lower the temperature of your air conditioner by one or two degrees.

There are no strict rules for setting air conditioner temperature in winter

The ideal air conditioner temperature for the winter Australian climate is between 20 and 24 degrees Celsius. Depending on the humidity in the room, you may need to reduce this temperature by one degree. If there is low humidity, your air conditioner may not work efficiently, and you will incur a larger power bill. To increase the humidity, you can use a humidifier. Changing the air conditioning temperature can reduce your power bill by up to 20%.

The most efficient air conditioner temperature for winter Australia is between 17 and 19 degrees. In summer, the air conditioner should be set at 21 degrees to keep the air conditioner running efficiently. In winter, you should set your air conditioner to 17 degrees to maintain comfort. Keeping your air conditioner on this temperature can help regulate internal humidity and prevent mould growth. However, if you do not use your air conditioner frequently, you can risk mould and other health problems caused by high humidity in winter.

You can save money by turning your air conditioner down by 1-2 degrees

It is possible to reduce your energy consumption by turning down your air conditioning by a couple of degrees. This can save as much as 14 percent of your cooling costs. A ceiling fan will help offset this increase. Also, you should maintain the air conditioning system properly. Ergon Energy recommends a temperature between 21- and 23-degrees during summer and 18 to 20 degrees during winter. To save more money, you should change your thermostat settings from high to low.

During the summer months, the temperature in Australia is around 25 degrees. If you lower the temperature by just one degree, you can save approximately 20 percent of your daily air conditioning usage. In the winter, the temperature is around 18 degrees, and most houses are set to this temperature during the morning and evening hours. By adjusting your air conditioner’s temperature to this lower range, you can drastically cut your energy costs.

Insulation can help reduce heat escaping from your home

As winter Australia’s temperatures drop, it can be difficult to keep your home warm. Uninsulated homes can lose up to 25% of their warmth through their roof. By increasing the R-value of your home’s walls and roof, you can help keep your house warm throughout the winter. The Building Code of Australia recommends that you use R-values of 4.1 or higher. It is possible to lower the cost of heating your home by up to 20% by insulating it.

Adding additional insulation will also help prevent heat loss from the pipes in your house. Installing more insulation in your home’s can improve the energy star rating. Check with the Queensland Government for energy star rating requirements. You can also find information on insulation installation on the Your Home website. You can use the Insulation Council of Australia’s insulation handbook to help calculate the R-value of a typical building.

Timer technology

It is possible to save energy and money by adjusting your air conditioning timer to match the seasons. In the summer, you can lower your air conditioner’s temperature by a couple of degrees, while in winter, you can lower it by one degree. Most Australians set their air conditioners to 19 degrees when the summer season starts. This drastic cooling will drive your electricity bills through the roof and put more stress on the air conditioner.

To set a timer, you need to program the device to turn on and off during a specified period. A digital timer makes this easy. You can program it to turn on before you wake up in winter or turn it off before you arrive home in summer. Some timers will also let you select a different day at any given time. This way, you do not need to remember which day it is.

What Temperature to set Air Conditioner in Winter Australia? Again it is dependent on were in Australia you live though the above should give you a good starting point.

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